My Final Wishes

What if today was your last day?

What if today was your last day - would your family and
friends be prepared?


Do they know where your
Will is located?

Do they know what music you would like played at your funeral service?

Who would look after your
beloved pets?

Although we know the end of life comes to us all, it can be confronting and upsetting to discuss your final wishes with your loved ones.

Sometimes we don't always make
good decisions when
faced with grief.

My Final Wishes provides you with a gentle approach to a difficult topic, allowing you,
your family and friends to feel prepared
and not overwhelmed.

My Final Wishes has everything you need
to make the adjustment easier for all.

My Final Wishes endeavours to cover
a range of life's topics you
may not have even considered.


My Final Wishes is presented in a well 
thought out practical box that you can
stow away  amongst your important
and precious possessions. 

Product Disclaimer: Please note that My Final Wishes is not a legally binding document and is not intended to take the place of a Last Will and Testament. This product has been created to allow people to leave instructions and requests in the event of their passing on. My Final Wishes recommend that you create a legal Last Will and Testament by following the regular legal procedures laid down by the laws of your country.


My Final Wishes

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